By Mark Protas, Senior Product Manager

Not too long ago, a small team and I set out to build TMC Insights — a platform visibility product for the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). We know that as platforms grow, so does the need for tools that provide greater visibility into the platform. We also know that more developers are using the TMC today than ever before, creating applications that leverage TMC’s near real-time bidirectional APIs. …

By Eric Jensen, Director of Product Management

An illustration of two people working on laptops while thinking about graphs and metrics.

Welcome to my first Au blog post. At Autonomic, I’m responsible for many of the Transportation Mobility Cloud’s foundational operations. I wrestle daily with questions like: how do we show what’s going on within the platform, what information should be shown, and how do we make every aspect of this as easy as possible? We have a motto that drives our work in this area:

The People Need to Know.

To fulfill our motto we are developing an extensive variety of platform visibility features, available for internal use in troubleshooting or customer support…

By Caitlin Helgesen, Product Operations

We care deeply about providing the best possible product and experience for the users of our platform — the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). For us to succeed, we need to understand what our users need to succeed. We need to collect feedback.

While we already received feedback through customer support tickets and customer satisfaction surveys, we sought to close the gap between our customers and our development teams even further. We wanted to understand what features could truly elevate our users’ experience with our product. …

Meeting the Reliability, Scalability, and Security Needs of OEMs

By Ankit Kaushik, Product Manager for Infrastructure

One of the main challenges with operating an automotive-focused cloud computing platform is the need to ensure isolation between datasets originating from different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This is because there are various unique identifiers of device information in the data surfaced from these customers requiring strict isolation across datasets, environments, and computing resources to ensure fidelity of data and mitigation of overwrites. We met these unique challenges by implementing strict isolation across datasets, environments and computing resources using public key infrastructure (PKI). …

By Imtiaz Jaffer, Head of Platform Partnerships, Autonomic

Ayro 311 “art car.”

Those of us who’ve already switched out our gas-powered cars for electric vehicles know why they’re the future. They free us from the gas pump and they contribute to sustainability, which is why 25 million electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to be sold in 2025. Consumers are seeing the light in terms of electric cars — but what about businesses like delivery services and retailers that want to reap the same benefits?

Up until now, it hasn’t been easy for businesses and fleet operators to manage their EVs, using their usual fleet…


Builders of the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), a transportation and mobility platform for connected vehicles.

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